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THE STORY OF THE BIBLE from Genesis to Revelation...

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This is the rare vintage book, "THE STORY OF THE BIBLE from Genesis to Revelation. Told in simple language, adapted to all ages, but especially to the young", by Charles Foster, published in 1884, with 300 wonderful illustrations. Published by the Charles Foster Publishing Co., Philadelphia, PA
Book measures approximately 6 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 2" with 703 pages, plus a few of pages, in the end of the book, containing advertises of another Foster's religious publications.
The Book is warn with yellowed pages. The cover is loose from binding. A page and section is detached from the very back. Most pages are securely attched to binding. The hardcover is ornamental. Price: US$ 19.95 + mail taxes.

Se voce deseja adquiri-lo com moeda nacional podemos fazer um preço especial de R$ 39,90 com frete gratuito para todo o Brasil

Vintage book, HOW TO LOOK AT PICTURES by Robert Clermont Witt, M.A. Published by the Bay View Reading Club, Detroit, Mich., 1905. Book measures approx. 5" x 7" with 193 pages. The book has 16 illustrations:
Banquet of the Officers of the Order of St. George by Frans Hals
Vision of St. Bernard by Filippino Lippi
Mrs. Siddons by Thomas Gainsborough
Old Man and Child by Ghirlandaio
Georg Gisze, Merchant of the Steelyard by Hans Holbein
The Queen of Sheba by Claude
A Bit of Holland by Jacob Ruysdael
Portrait of a Man by Hans Holbein
Bacchus and Ariadne by Tintoretto
A Dutch Interior by Peter de Hoogh
The Marriage at Cana by Tintoretto

This book, maked by a club of coinasseurs of bibliophily and readers have, off course, high quality of printing and binding, and have, plus, many decorative fleurons and headpieces/tailpieces to embellishment of your pages. The book is in very good condition, with darkened edges from aging. The pages are all smooth, no wrinkles and binding is all intact. There are two small spots on front cover as seen in the photo below. If you have any questions or want additional photos, please e-mail me. PRICE: US$ 19,95 + MAIL TAXES.

Se voce quiser adquiri-lo em moeda nacional podemos fazer um preço especial de R$ 39,90 com frete gratuito para todo o Brasil

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