sábado, 10 de novembro de 2007

mais livros chegando...

recebemos aqui na Intellecta mais alguns lotes de livros. porém, na falta de tempo para dissecar cada um deles aqui noBiblioMundi lhes adianto uma lista simples. Na eventualidade de algum deles lhe chamar a atenção mande-me email.

The Heavenly Vision, Rev Frederick Meier,1896

What is Worth While, Anna Robertson Brown, 1893

King Henry the Weight, by Shakespeares, 1896, Harper & Brothers

The New and Revised Outline of History, H G Wells, with hundreds of nice pictures, deLuxe edition in 1951

The Jewish Dilemma, Elmer Berger, 1945

Luther's Smaller Catechism, published by the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

a curious booklet called "These are for thoguhts" (Shakespeare), published by the "Woman's aid of the Reformed Protestant High Dutch Church of Schoharie, NY"

The Household, september 1895, a journal "since 1868 devoted to the interests of the american housewife"

Paul in every day life, Jhon Douglas Adam,DD, 1914

Hiram Golf's Religion, George H Hepwroth,1898, de luxe edition

A break in schedule time, Faye Huntington, 1901, de luxe edition

Free Land, Rose Wilder Lane, 1938

Marching on, James Boyd, 1927

The Curious Quest, E Phillips Oppenheim, 1919

The Story of Cheerio, exclusive edition for the Radio Friends of Cheerio,autographed

Religion and Miracle, George A Gordon.1909

The Moment of Beauty, Samuiel Merwin, 1925

Our Home, or, The key to a nobler life, C E Sargent A M, 1890, illustrated, very interesting

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